What an Oracle Can Do For You

Our oracle service connects you to your higher self, to your divinity, to the quantum field, to the source, and to the universe. An oracle opens you to each level of the beyond to gain answers, to heal, to create, and to experience real euphoria.

Working with an oracle such as Ruth V. Mellor allows a space for your heart to connect and understand what’s really happening, whether it’s through words, feelings, movements, or sensations. With our oracle service and sessions, you form your own truth in a space that is authentic, where you can be seen and witnessed without judgment and with clarity allowed and encouraged.

Live Psychic Sessions

In our live psychic sessions (which we also call “Live Readings,”) we answer your questions and provide you with clarity. You can choose one of three categories: Oracle, for advanced psychic readings; Animal Communication, for connecting psychically with your animals, wherever they are; and Angel Connections, which involves psychic medium work and talking to loved ones who have passed on.

In our live psychic sessions, you will benefit from a deep meditative journey where you discover your unique gifts and find ways to heal your body and your soul. You will be led through levels of understanding the psychic forces beyond everyday happenings and integrating that back into your own reality.

Material World


In our Material World service you will be supported through your life creations and desires.

The focus is on you and the way you express yourself at the very depth of your being. The Material World service helps you understand your many layers, your magic, your healing, your wholeness, and how to use your gifts to support your goals on your journey to self-discovery.

Natural Superpower

The Natural Superpower service is all about your magic, your healing, your gifts, and your desire to create, grow, and discover more about yourself. Your superpowers open up your world to possibilities so that you can further share in the universe’s unconditional love.

We created the Natural Superpowers process to guide you through the rapidly evolving world that many people are only just now awakening to.

Animal Communication

Our Animal Communication service uses horses and snakes to help you create psychic connections leading you toward healing and developing your sense of self and working with other people. This opens up your soul to a greater awareness and much better communication with the whole world, as well as to the people and the animals immediately around you.

Connecting to the hearts of animals begins a true psychic connection in you, because you feel at one with creatures who thrive through nonverbal communication. This breaks down internal barriers that hold you back.

Divine Energy

Divine Energy is the psychic space where you can connect and interact with all the magic energy creation around you and beyond. It’s a space where you are safe to rediscover your beliefs and testimonies.

Everything is energy and vibrations, according to the inventor Nikola Tesla. We help you connect to your higher self, your divinity, your place in the quantum field, and all the levels of the beyond to gain answers, to heal, to create, and to experience euphoric bliss.

What People Are Saying

Wow Ruth is Awesome! I have never experienced anyone like her with her type of gifts. She is someone you can have deep conversations with, business plans and then turn around and play with kids. She’s kind, honest, funny, brave, and an entrepreneur leader. I personsonaly got to experience her gifts with her 8.5ft boa and 4.5 ft python.

Jeff Hoffmen

Business Owner

Working with Ruth Mellor both as a mentor, way-shower, and several times as a guest on my podcast, I can tell you she is one-of-a-kind. She can walk between the realms, communicate with spirits, animals, guides, and ancestors. Her delivery of the information she receives is straightforward and practical. Ruth’s energy can be felt by anyone who enters her field.

Micaela Passeri

Global woman & co

In the 2 years of working with Ruth I have truly enjoyed the levels she is able to go in order to gain healing and answers. She works in and with the miracle frequency. I have worked with gifted leaders around the world and Ruth is at the top of the list. She truly is gifted and I have been able to be part of and witness her shaman abilities and the ancient masters who have trained her and still do. I loved bringing her to events and my TV? Radio shows to speak and teach she represented what I do well.

Dr Sarah Larsen

Founder of Miracle Makers Academy

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