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Taste Your Magic offers a variety of services no matter your need. We offer consults for those seeking guidance in work or business, and readings for those who seek spiritual guidance.

This page will help you find the service you are looking for.

What we can do for you?

Get consulting and attend events that will help you take your career or business to the next level.

Get readings and attend events that will help you find answers and be the best you possible.

Discover the magic that animals can bring to your consults, readings and events.

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Live Reading

Get answers about your present and your future, and connect with a loved one or loved animal, living or passed on.

Material World

Get help with your relationships, business, freedom, joy, financial, emotional, physical health, mental health, and your environment.


Unleash and cultivate your magic, your healing, your gifts and your desire to create, grow, and discover more about yourself.

Animal Communication

Use animal psychic communication to create connections that help you heal and develop your sense of self and how you work with other people.

Divine Energy

Find a space where you can connect and interact with all the magic energy creation around you and beyond, a place where you are safe to rediscover your beliefs and testimonies.


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