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June 12, 2022

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June 12, 2022


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Connect to the world in a truer way through the gifts of animals. Both physical and non-physical, wild and domesticated animals use their divine energy to communicate with you and show you who you are at heart.


Event Description

Indigenous peoples have long known the gifts of interacting with animals. They have found that animals provide us with insights and knowledge beyond our human perceptions. Now, you can share in these too thanks to our extraordinary animal shamanism retreats.

In our sessions, we help you connect your hearts with animals. There will be moonlight horse rides with a fire ceremony of clearing and preparation work. You’ll engage in energy-healing work with animals. Working with our shamans you will learn through special exercises how to see, feel, hear, taste and use and manipulate energy and or gain how animals work and use those parts to develop us.

What you get

You will learn to listen to the animal language and thus hear the wisdom of your heart, your higher self – and you will begin to communicate in the divine universal languages. Our animals will teach you how to live fully and live free! We also invite help from spirit and sacred animals.

Your Facilitator(s)

You will discover

The Silver Dance Ranch horses are powerful healers and keepers of wisdom. These extraordinary horses love to support humans in their development and healing. Our trained and gentle snakes have the power to help minds, body and souls release fears that have been trapped due to a variety of traumas.

Who should Attend

You will feel an amazing connection to yourself and a new peace and love.



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Connect with yourself or with those who have passed on.

You will experience connections through one of three services:


What Attendees Say About This Event

I was impressed with Ruth from the moment I came to her ranch to ask her to come help develop the horse program at Wasatch Academy private boarding school. She was throwing hay bales on a trailer while talking to me. Her work ethic is disciplined and productive.


Global Entrepreneurship Network,,
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I have worked with many great teachers and coaches throughout the years. Ruth was the first one who really helped me tap into the unique gifts that were mine, and helped me to open up and expand those gifts.

Dawn Moses

Global woman club, Women’s Global holistic Chambers of commerce
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Ruth is the real deal and a wonderful, brilliant, kind, fun woman. I was terrified of the snake but I witnessed miracles. We became friends and I invited her to do work on me on my TV/ Radio show. It was amazing. In 15 minutes her snake worked.

Dr. Cherilyn Lee

NU Wellness Healthcare in Marina Del Rey CA
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