About Ruth V. MellOR

A Modern-Day Oracle

Ruth (Mellor) Barclay is an oracle who not only reads people and guides them toward a greater understanding of their inner lives, she also trains people and horses to have a partnership through profound communication. She also trains people and teams to compete at high levels in many categories of equine competition.

She has been a professional horse trainer and instructor since the age of 17, when she became the youngest graduate in the nation from Richard Shrake’s Resistance Free Riding & Training Method.

What is an Oracle?

In days of old, an oracle was a priest or priestess who would impart wisdom and knowledge from the divine. Today, an oracle such as Ruth (Mellor) Barclay can do the same, but she is more about putting you in touch with the divine that has been living inside you all along.

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Silver Dance Ranch is a retreat on 17 acres in the Sanpete Valley, Utah, on a hill on a mound in the valley surrounded by mountains and the San Pitch River. It’s sacred land that has been blessed and cleared by indigenous people for countless generations.

What an Oracle Can do for you

Our oracle service connects you to your higher self, to your divinity, to the quantum field, to the source, and to the universe. An oracle opens you to each level of the beyond to gain answers, to heal, to create, and to experience real euphoria.

Working with an oracle such as Ruth (Mellor) Barclay allows a space for your heart to connect and understand what’s really happening, whether it’s through words, feelings, movements, or sensations.

Our oracle service and sessions include:

Material World

Natural Super Powers

Animal Communication

Divine Energy


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About Ruth

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What is an Oracle?

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