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A Modern-Day Oracle

Ruth V. Mellor is an oracle who not only reads people and guides them toward a greater understanding of their inner lives, she also trains people and horses to have a partnership through profound communication. She also trains people and teams to compete at high levels in many categories of equine competition.

She has been a professional horse trainer and instructor since the age of 17, when she became the youngest graduate in the nation from Richard Shrake’s Resistance Free Riding & Training Method.

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Ruth's Story

Ruth has been training with horses since the age of 13, and as she traveled to different countries for these opportunities she was also brought into contact with master healers, leaders in different industries, and specialists in traditional and indigenous medicine. This led to her interest in alternate forms of healing and a deep appreciation for spiritual work. During one of her travels, she worked with a medicine man who trained her to be a medicine woman.

Ruth spent years working with different groups of people using a variety of ways to heal bodies and souls, connecting people with animals and spirits.

It was super-sacred work. Ruth became interested in healing as a result of being raised in a difficult and violent household. When she was six, she was strangled to death, but luckily she had guides who helped her return to life. She was often alone during her childhood, and she connected with animals at an early age. And Ruth discovered she has a gift for communicating with animals.

Eventually, Ruth was able to turn these gifts — her horse training, her alternative healing experiences, and her natural abilities for communicating with animals — into a business. She works with business leaders who come for animal therapy, emotional stability, a break from work, and coaching in rebalancing through working with horses and other animals.

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Many of the leaders Ruth has worked with have been able to scale their businesses because of psychic rebalancing, and so they were refreshed and enabled to successfully get their heads into their business game once again.

You can be among them, whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to connect on a greater level with the universe through personal coaching, animal communication, or other ways.

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